The DLB Witches


Alicia Sanchez Boddy

Alicia is a stay at home mom to three wonderful children. She is currently living in Chicago but longs to be back in Los Angeles with salty water and palm trees. Most of her days are spent driving kids to school, dance, t-ball and play dates. In her spare time she enjoys craft beer, red wine and moscow mules. She loves Grey’s Anatomy and Chopped but will always choose to watch Ohio State football over anything else. She hopes to raise happy kids who appreciate all this world has to offer. Alicia can be reached at


Rachel Litt

Rachel is a writer, so she spends her days trudging through the marshes of self-deprecation in search of Greener Grass Island, a place not unlike Wonderland, in that it’s teeming with possibility and also doesn’t exist. She lives in Florida (salty water and palm trees aplenty) with three very imaginative children, two dogs, a wandering cat and the most patient man alive. She loves to read, but can’t remember a thing about the things she’s read. You can reach Rachel at


Lauren Boczkowski

Lauren is a banker, knitter, actor, editor, historian, avid reader, and pop culturist. She lives in DC with her husband and two sons, but originally hails from Lexington, KY, and Pittsburgh, PA. She is a rabid sports fan, particularly when it involves the Wildcats, the Steelers, or the Penguins, and will pretty much watch anything that has even a single dance number in it. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her kids, pretending that she is still a dancer, pretending she was ever an actor, knitting a multitude of scarves and blankets, and reading. Lauren can be reached at


Stephanie Ali

Stephanie is the mother of two sweet, spirited children. Born, raised, and rooted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she still hates winter and everything (besides Christmas and her son’s birthday) that goes along with it. She is a school counselor at an elementary school by day and a momma at all hours. A true summer girl at heart, she loves to spend time with her family doing anything at all. She has known her husband since the nineties, when he dyed his hair blonde. This year will mark seventeen years of hanging out and living life together. She has always loved writing. Stephanie is a terrible ‘texter’ and doesn’t care about technology. She also loves stationery, gardens, giving presents, Reggae music, The Beatles, and mostly nibbling on her children. Stephanie can be reached at


Nicole Stewart

Nicole is paper pusher by day, avid consumer of all things nerdy by night – lover of books, television, Broadway, and movies. Located in the suburbs of South Florida, but destined for elsewhere! Nicole loves an equally geeky guy – she turned down his prom invitation but later accepted his marriage proposal. No kiddos yet for these two. Nicole loves to cook but hates to clean and 90s alt rock and 70s classics are always her music genres of choice.


Mandy in BWMandy Ha

In her dreams Mandy is best friends with Stephen King, a vegan, and a Pulitzer Prize winner author. In reality she’s a chauffeur to her two children and a die-hard carnivore. Drinking vast quantities of coffee and fearing aliens are two activities where Mandy excels. Mandy currently resides in a town whose biggest export is “crippling depression” (see Cleveland Tourism Video). She spends an obscene amount of time running/racing, reading about running and cross training for running (obsess much?).  Also, much to her husband’s dismay, she’s an avid collector of vintage yearbooks.

Mandy loves reading, bargain hunting, monster trucks and cooking, but most of all eating.




T recently uprooted her family to Chicago because she likes a challenge. A glutton for rejection and crises of self-worth, she has been a professional actor for over a decade and will likely hit it big in a couple minutes. In the meantime, she writes things down occasionally to avoid being committed to an insane asylum.