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My dog, Frodo

It wasn’t until I had Mila that I graduated college, from USF St. Pete in 2008. Before that-way before that-I was at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, attempting a degree in Evolution Ecology and Organismal Biology, […]

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Score Your Swag Bag At Participating Bookstores

It’s Independent Bookstore Day Today! Bookworks, an Albuquerque independent bookstore, launched its inaugural awareness campaign today with Independent Bookstore Day. And Harper Collins is promoting it in the cutest way. They’ve partnered with Lyft, a taxi service in the vein […]


Witch Witch, You’re a Bitch: Dirty Booker Does Salem (with Christian BoyToy)

Last I left you Rich was scowling at me from atop his computer, still in the throes of matrimonial discontent. But, optimistic as we were about the chance to rekindle our kid-tainted romance, our bickering […]


My Cat Died Today

We’ve had a lot of animals over the years, only one that died outside of a vet’s office–Lucky, a creamsicle-orange delight that wandered into a pair of aggressive dogs down the street when I was a […]


I met an old man with great eyes.

At the library. I’m working on emails, and down sits an old man at my table (MY table) with a stack of Clive Cusslers. I suppressed the rising lava of exasperation and hid my cringe […]


Cackling Agent Trolls

I am conflicted about your giveaway submissions. I’m both elated about your participation and furious about how much better you all are at writing. We need to have a workshop, stat. TEACH ME HOW TO […]


Janay Palmer

I love words. One word, a combination of words, abstract or mainstream algorithm. For me a simple email can be a lyrical snakecharmer, uncoiling and replenishing repressed desire.

But last night, after reading a fb post about Janay Palmer, I wondered about words, the way they divide.

Do you remember Mickey and Mallory Knox, the couple from Natural Born Killers?



misfitthemonkey: Do you believe in magic?

I believe that–when I have a horrific daymare about the kids–when I close my eyes and focus every ounce of myself on their safety, something is happening.

During a particularly anxious year in my early twenties I came across an Oprah’s list-type self-help book. I don’t promote or warn against self-help lit, but I’ll just say this: a lot of these people are just trying to make a buck, so be careful what you take to heart.


Suck My Toe And Write Me Poetry

I watched Girls today on DVR (is there any other way to watch anything?) and I loved it. Particularly the last scene, in which Adam and Hannah are taking a bubble bath together. I can’t think of a better way to close out the day.

I’m in love with Adam, of course. For the same reason I was in love with Jordan Catalano, Pacey Witter and Dylan McKay: because I’m easy.

I know these people don’t really exist. But I see Adam and Hannah and I’m like, ‘you see? That’s Rich’s problem. He’d never recite broadway lines while sucking on my big toe like that. Because he’s a terrible human being.’


Is Spanking Okay?

Yesterday we had the family over to celebrate Jack’s first birthday. This is not what my post is about, but not mentioning his chubby thighs or the way he annihilated his Publix cupcake is like not succumbing to gravity. Here forward I will persevere, because I am a strong woman and I’m dedicated to making your time with me a little more thought-provoking.