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Author Interview: Rebecca Demarest

We’d like to thank Rebecca Demarest, our very first CALLING ALL INDIES! winner and new friend. She is both smart and sweet–a rare combination of which we at DLB are in internal awe. It has been more than a pleasure to work with Rebecca during our reading and get-to-know process, and we look forward to experiencing both the sequel and The Ozite Cycle, and any future projects–especially those involving Mattel misconduct.

The best of success with everything that you do, Rebecca! And always stay witchy.

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***Sneak Peek*** of Rebecca Demarest’s UNDELIVERABLE

Celine and Byron slammed into the warehouse, closely followed by Jillian. Whatever they were chasing skittered across the floor and threw itself under the shelves of the closest bay. Sylvia and Ben hurried over to see what was going on, Ben grateful for the distraction. The three readers had surrounded the shelving unit on its three free sides on their hands and knees to try and figure out where their prey had gone to.