A new beginning — again!

The Book Mechanic

Starting off on the right foot!  (which just might be your left, but that’s okay!)

 How often have you heard someone say “Oh, I want to do this (go there) so bad!” (Or ‘badly’.)

Very often when people discover I’m a published author, they say, “Oh. I want to be published too!  I want to write a book so bad.”

Unfortunately, that’s how it usually turns out. Bad. With the rising popularity of self-publishing, the overall quality has fallen sharply. That’s not to imply that all self-pubbed books are in that category. I’ve read a good many of them that were really excellent. Plot, characters and writing were all fabulous. Generally, those authors went the extra step of having the manuscript proof-read by someone other than a spouse or best-friend. 

If you talk to the author of a book that is slip-shod, they’ll frequently say, “I know, but I couldn’t afford…

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