Please forgive us the delay; we’re getting swamped with SF:SE work, and so have to scale back on our Indie reading. There will be one more winner after SONGS OF THE MANIACS, so those of you who’ve already submitted, keep a lookout around the 17th for the announcement. After that we’ll suspend submissions for a while as we catch up on everything else. We’ll keep all the submissions in rotation as we get to voting again, so no need to resubmit when we do reopen, in a few months.

As always, never hesitate to CONTACT US with general questions, concerns and creative harassment. And keep reading with us as we make our way through the SF:SE reading list. We’re in the weeds with Evie from Kiersten White’s PARANORMALCY,

paranormalcy a freaking adorable and unique YA that we’re totally in love with. Those of you coming to SF:SE this September, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming newsblast: an invitation to the most wicked party around (Saturday, 9/26 at An Tobar, located inside of the Sheraton Orlando North in Maitland–SF:SE host hotel). Get your costumes ready. Book your room while the rate is still available!!

Stay weird.