‘Dreamy Reedsy’

I stole that from Rebecca Heyman,  SF:SE editor and wordcombo maven. That was her LOL response when I said that Ricardo Fayet–Reedsy COO and Awesome Dude–has a swoon-worthy accent. He does, but that’s beside the point.

I’ve said before that the best part of my job is reading Indie talent. A close second is meeting Indie ambassadors. People like Ricardo and Rebecca (who is also on the Reedsy team), who fight hard to promote and support the Indie pursuit. I was lucky enough to speak with Ricardo about SF:SE, doubly lucky when he gifted to me an introduction to enthusiastic and incomparable Rebecca, a contact for which I (and all of her SF:SE consultees) will be forever grateful.

From the Reedsy site:

What if the best publishing professionals were not at publishing houses anymore? Reedsy helps authors collaborate with expert editors and book designers to take their book to another level. We only work with a select group of the best freelancers, the ones who know the publishing landscape better than a writer knows the taste of hot coffee.

They know how to help. Come meet them.

Reedsy gives authors access to real, affordable professionals and publishing services. They stay updated on market trends, share every bit of advice from today’s best-selling Indies, and they do it with a big, fat smile. It’s truly evident that they love what they do.

See for yourself, and learn a buttload about marketing strategy. Here’s a sample video from the Reedsy Youtube channel, but there’s a ton where this comes from. Subscribe to stay educated and ahead of the game.