If the book is anything like Hayman’s emails, I’m going to love it. This guy did–take a look at a stellar review for WHERE MADMEN RULE:

Science fiction seems to have ceded the ground to the dungeons and dragons crew. No longer. Where Madmen Rule is a hard science fiction romp in the vein of Robert Heinlean or James Hogan. Within the first few pages, the author draws the reader into an action packed adventure with a sharp scientific edge. The science is believable, the characters realistic, the story engaging, and the conclusion satisfying. This is accomplished without any needlessly complex plot devices or verbal trickery. It is just good, solid science fiction. I greatly miss the likes of Issac Asimov and Arthur Clark, and this book brought back memories of these earlier icons. I particularly liked the futuristic construction worker aspect of the protagonist.

The political intrigue and character interaction was spot on, and I found my self heavily invested in the characters before I knew it. I wound up reading this novel straight through, and it has been a long time since I have been this captivated by a book. Highly recommended…


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Where Madmen Rule