I think I’m pretty

Not ever, really. Sometimes, when the sun hits me right and my high-sodium dinner regroups in my morning lip fat, and I walk past the mirror at the proper speed and angle.

I’ve been trying to lose baby weight (F-U, Jack!) and things are not so easy for me mid-thirties and in happy matrimony. Rich is a lovehandle lover and mombelly acceptor, so I have to really push it not to let myself go. I HAVE, though, lost 11 pounds since seeing a picture of myself at Disney (this Thanksgiving) and yes, thank you, I agree that I look comparably fantastic and accept congratulations via snail mail. (PM me for address.)

So, while I’ve been in a generally celebratory mood–stuffing my thighs into one jeansize smaller and not suffocating in a belt–I’ve still felt a little…frumpy. Mommy, you know? Splotchy and mousy and flat. What do I do when that happens? 22yrold Rachel gets something tattooed. 35yrold Rachel has a panic attack and considers highlights.

My kids have the most gorgeous hair, like a little troupe of surfer dudes. They ALL have this wispy sweep thing like those kids you hated in highschool, all cool and messy and beachy. So when I get bored with myself I stare at them like I do the oreo bucket at the yogurt place.

So the other night I’m creeping out Mila, who says, for the hundredth time, ‘Mommy, WHAT?’

So I say, ‘I want your hair. It’s so beautiful, it’s like gold but alive. Why is your hair so beautiful? Why’s mine like this?’ I thrust a forked hand into my ponytail for effect, because if I don’t brush for five minutes my hair starts to dread.

And then Mila, bringer of goodness and light, shoots me this priceless, teenager look. ‘Mommy, but I love your hair. It’s so dark and pretty! You’re SO PRETTY.’

And I’m floored! I don’t know why I never thought she thought I was pretty. It really shocked me. So, of course, I headed straight for the mirror and made a bunch of duck faces.

I turned my head this way and that, batted my eyes…I tried to see myself like maybe she did, and for a few seconds I was like, you know what? I’m not so hideous. Maybe my hair IS pretty!

But then today I got highlights. Because my friend sent me this picture and let’s be honest, I look awesome as a high school blonde. (And without wrinkles and age spots. Shhhh, I know. I once brought a Meg Ryan picture to the mall salon. I’m not good with reality.)


words I want to start using:


vitriolic (I actually don’t know what this means)



run afoul



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