Words I want to start using (and tattoos I want to get)

I just discovered podcasts. For my fellow geriatrics, a podcast is like a radio show, only you download it on a smart device. That’s as sophisticated a definition as you’re going to get from me.

Clumsily searching for NPR’s Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me, I ran into Grammar Girl, a website I’ve stalked for years now. Grammar Girl (I tried to get her for the con, but she’s too busy! Argh.) is the most brilliant person on the planet, on a scale of language proficiency. She makes me feel stupid and accomplished at the same time.

She has this quality I DESPISE in others because I want it. She’s a walking thesaurus that doesn’t use foreign, archaic synonyms; I know what all of them mean, I just never think to use them. So I’m pocketing my worn-through vocab and stepping out of my comfort zone. Here are some words I’m going to start with, today.







Send a few my way and we’ll trade out. I need a word for ‘insane’. Like, ‘That drives me INSANE.’ Got one?

Also, check this out:


SF:SE 2015 got even cooler! Hard to believe, right? Any of you tattooists live in Fla? Want to decorate some literary folk? Click above and join the team!!! Don’t tell Rich (or my parents), but I’m dying to get Phedre’s Marque. What speculative fiction inspired tattoo would you get?? There are so many!