Good readers of dlb witchland, I’ve finished Kushiel’s Dart. I’m devastated and empty inside. To develop enriching relationships with these characters, and then one day boosh they’re gone? Swept into the dusty architecture of shelftop annals, to be gazed upon by me, the master exlover forever chasing her dragon? It’s disorienting at best.

I trust to have found a new companion in THE HARVEST KILLINGS, at least, an Indie with a great first few pages. I’ll keep you updated as I read, always hoping that you join me on this, the most unstable, EPIC adventure there is: reading the most awesomest books around.

Have any of you ever LARPed? Being a con-goer, I’m familiar enough with Cosplay (the art/hobby of costume-wearing. think Halloween, but with a little more soul, and not on Halloween night), and have engaged in a fair amount of fishnet/corset prancing. But I’d never really explored the intricacies and community of LARPing until now.

with my daughter, cosplaying and not knowing it
with my daughter, cosplaying and not knowing it

And it’s fascinating! My new best friend, LARPcraft–creator of game systems and tracking software–is designing a special quest for SF:SE 2015 (a werewolf quest. A WEREWOLF QUEST.), and I’m stoked. I’m learning a lot about the passion and dedication required to engage as a LARPer, and for an event to manifest successfully. I can’t give too much away, but expect to see scrolls, tokens, hunters, A PORTAL, and a ton of other cool stuff. Stay tuned. And KEEP READING!