THE HARVEST KILLINGS extended for one month

I promise it’s the LAST TIME (for now) I apologize for the holiday stall. Poor A.K. only got a few posts this month promoting THE HARVEST KILLINGS, and I won’t allow her to sail into the sunset just yet. I’m extending the giveaway another month and devoting all of my attention to what I’m certain will be a fantastic debut.theharvestkillings

I am still reading KUSHIEL’S DART, if you can believe it. Oh, goodness, it’s the most awesome read in the whole wide world. I find myself–in my few, infrequent seconds of extra time–frantically amazoning Phedre’s marque in accessories, decor, other…I don’t care. I’ll buy anything Kushiel, Namaah, Phedre, JOSCELIN. If I’d the desire to annoy readers, I’d bookend every sentence in this paragraph with *sigh*. Hycainth has just made his vow to the Master of the Straits, Joscelin, Phedre and Quintilius are heading to Terre d’ Ange and Melisande Shahrizai is lurking somewhere in the narrative…UGH!! My life is in Jacqueline Carey’s hands.

So, as I mentioned so long ago, next is Catherynne Valente’s DEATHLESS,


about which I’m still super excited. Also, have you guys seen our SF:SE lineup?

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I mean, seriously? Now please excuse me while I contact our CALLING ALL INDIES! winners…