Attn: Florida Authors

So things are heating up at DLB headquarters. We are CRAZY about our SF:SE authors. This reading list…holy smokes, I’ve never been so excited. So far I’ve readbitten



which were just delicious and have gifted to me the fantasy that it’s Clay’s hairy foot reaching out at night (Rich has this prehensile thing about him where any suggestion of impending contact sparks instantaneous leg-wraparound. Should you ever pass my window in the early morning, you’re likely to hear my request that he stop ‘spider monkeying’ me.)

And now I’m on to


Friends. I am INFECTED with this book. When I asked you to send me your dream con guest lists, Ms. Carey was at the top of many, and I see why. I was so curious, because at first research glance there came hundreds of tattoo pics, all feminine, thorny renditions of what’s on the cover that I eventually purchased for myself.

I’m not too far in (maybe pg.110), but I’m reading with a pubescent’s wonder about this sexually-charged, magnificent MC, and I find myself tuning out the world–a feat for anyone, very much for a busy someone.

Yesterday, at my daughter’s gymnastics class, I couldn’t get into the zone with all the mommy mouth flapping in the waiting room, so I fitted my earbuds, tuned to a Celtic Pandora station (which I used to do when I studied in college, something I’d totally forgotten about) and dove right in. And, oh my Elua I wanted to just DIVE RIGHT IN for Alcuin and Phedre’s first…ahem…lesson.

Anyway, get with me on this, because these books are so great. Next on deck is


and I’m just as excited about that. I’ll let you know how awesome it is very soon.

So, Florida writers: would you like to share the room with this incredible talent? Take a look at this poster from our SF:SE2015 site…

Submit for a chance at a table on Author Ave. Just make sure you note somewhere in your email whether the submission is for our CALLING ALL INDIES! contest or for SF:SE2015. Winners receive everything stated on the poster as a prize–free registration, table, signing/reading and the chance to sit on a panel.

Remember, authors can always reserve a table as an exhibitor. Prices listed above.

Good luck, everyone!