Are you there, good people? It’s Me, Rachel.

I’ll save my flourishing for the review, but I’m almost done with DISAPPEARANCE and I’m having a hard time remembering if there’s anything at all to like about humans.

Not all is grimbones here–meager embers of decency do offer occasional flares amidst the wreckage–but I’m having a hard time reading in between slideshows of riot footage. People are BAD…like, Satan bad.

Zaple is talented enough an author to effectively craft between-the-lines humanity, it’s just that today I’m just not registering it as smoothly as it deserves. Whatever, I’m saving my compliments for another time–right now I’m pissed at Zaple for ruining the one icon that, up until now, was my last Affectionate Eyeroll ferry captain:


Suffer the devil HERE.