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We witches are nothing if not promoters of health and wellness.

Ok, we’re promoters of PEOPLE who promote health and wellness, and one day we promise to get back in the gym.

Check out the amazing Kathleen Hale and her crazy smart experiment: THE CHAIR FREE PROJECT.

 “I’m going to try to not use chairs anymore.”

“You’re what?”

“I’m going to try to not sit in chairs anymore.”

“That’s what I thought you said.”


“Why in the world would you do that?’

A few years ago, I did not think I would be having this conversation. I did not think I would be doing anything as strange as trying to stop using chairs. I had nothing against chairs. I remember getting my first fancy office chair and feeling like I had made it! I loved to curl up in a big arm chair with a book and a glass of wine. I could sit for hours on end writing.

Yet here I am. Considering selling my dining room table because it has chairs. So “why” is a fair question.

Why would I try to live without chairs?

Because I’m convinced that chairs are evil and I don’t want anything to do with them. Okay, maybe “evil” is a bit of an exaggeration. But seriously I’m pretty sure that chairs are doing me only harm and I want to see if I can find alternative ways to do all the things that now require a chair.

I have been learning about the effects of sitting, and in particular sitting in chairs, for a while now. (This is not as boring as it sounds either. Chairs have a fascinating history! More on that later.) I have yet to hear of any positive benefit of sitting in traditional chairs. These things are bad news. Bad for our long-term health, our backs, our moods, our energy levels, our productivity, our creativity. I could go on! Yet, we keep using them. Everyday, nearly all day, we are sitting in chairs.

I like most of the things that I do while sitting in a chair – eating a delicious meal, watching a movie, reading with my kids – but can’t I do these things without incurring the wrath of the chair?

This is what I want to find out.

Why should you follow The Chair Free Project?

Because you want to watch me suffer as I have to turn down the comfy arm chair calling my name after a long day on my feet.

Spectators to my experiment are welcome. I’m sure I will provide some fodder. But I hope also you will follow along because you want to know more about how we’re being duped into using something so bad for us and what alternatives are out there.

We all want to live a healthier, happier, and more comfortable life. Chairs are a unappreciated barrier to feeling and living better. I’ll explore why that is, the rise of our chair culture, and share my experiences with saying “good-bye” to chairs. You will get practical tips and ideas for reducing your chair use that you could not find anywhere else. Because really who else is going to give up chairs.

I’m ready to take a stand against sitting in chairs and I hope you’ll follow along and spread the chair free message!

Hooked? We are, too. See how she does it HERE.