Cackling Agent Trolls

I am conflicted about your giveaway submissions. I’m both elated about your participation and furious about how much better you all are at writing. We need to have a workshop, stat. TEACH ME HOW TO BE BRILLIANT!!

So I’m feverishly working through my own SF:SE reading list. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to meet and work with these authors. When I started writing seriously, I was appropriately self-absorbed–I never considered everything ELSE this industry has to offer: education (it sounds crazy, but we writers rarely have the time to READ. And there’s no better way to hone your craft), inspiration, sympathy, lingo…all behind the scenes goodies. I’ve ‘spoken’ with (emailed) the funniest, smartest agents and publishers, and the most gracious artists.

You, Indie folks: news update–Agents are NOT all cackling trolls. Wade through that sea of rejection letters and meet me on indie-published island for a little recognition cocktail. These guys are generally nice people, I swear. They get a ton of submissions, ALL THE TIME, and truly wish they could take on more. I’ve heard it from the horse’s keyboard.

So, anyway. I’m reading the second in Kelley Armstrong’s OTHERWORLD series, STOLEN. Any of you familiar with her work? It’s a wicked romp through werewolf territory, a place I’ve never visited and with which I’m becoming quickly obsessed. Hang on a sec..yep, I’ve got to stop writing. Clay’s howling for me from inside my purse. Time for a run…