He’d Killed Five People In Cold Blood

There are many cultures to which I’ll never have access and about which I’ll never know a thing. For those within earshot I strive for depletion of ignorance, but quietly I’ve been relatively okay living in the comfy confines of my subble (suburban bubble).

MAXIMUM INSECURITY is the perfect book for people like me. I want to know all of this stuff without ever, EVER, having to step foot inside of a jail. I was a big fan of HBO’s OZ, so I’m delighted to read about the complicated socio-current that is the goings on at Colorado State Penitentiary. Wright doesn’t get into real specifics like relationships and crimes, but his sneak peeks are enough to blow a gossip’s socks off. I think this is way spicier than anything Kardashian. (Is that show even on anymore?)

Check out this excerpt:

He’d killed five people in cold blood. Three men and two women gunned down with a cheap .38-caliber handgun in a suburban fast-food restaurant. A wiry black man, really almost a boy, slouched on the gurney with studied indifference as I took his blood pressure: 110/65 with a pulse of 60, the same numbers a person might register if he was asleep. My numbers were considerably higher.

“Whatchu want with me?” he sneered. “I ain’t put in no kite to see you. I ain’t payin’ for this.”

The shackles on his legs rattled as he shrugged to adjust the handcuffs linked to the chain padlocked around his waist. The two guards inched forward, alert for sudden violence.

“Just a routine check,” I muttered. I felt as if touching my stethoscope to his chest might be like lighting a dynamite fuse.

He cocked his head, a sly grin spreading his thin lips. “You scared, ain’t you doc? You should be. I be the baddest man you ever see.”

I didn’t answer. What the hell was I doing here?

Love it. Check out a great review HERE.