Maximum Insecurity News!!

MAXIMUM INSECURITY audiobook is now available! On amazon and audible.

Let me give you a snippet of Wright’s hilarity:

When I did have to intervene, it was usually because the inmate had been cutting himself, and the wound is so severe that I can’t let it go. Try sewing up a furious convict who spends all his waking ours working out. It’s not as much fun as it sounds.

I have never tried to read a memoir because I am a creature of habit and my habit is escapist fiction. I’ll tell you what–if there are more memoirs around like Wright’s, I just might reallocate my escaping efforts. This is fantastically funny.

Wright is doing a Kindle Countdown for Maximum Insecurity starting on Friday, October 24th. You guys can grab a copy at $.99 (85% off) on that day. The price goes up a buck every day after that, so Friday is definitely the sweet spot. I’ll remind you on Fri.

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