chestercopperpot: You’ve mentioned a love for horror movies. How has movie watching affected the way you create a narrative?

I’m not inspired by movies, exactly. Maybe some of my horror imagery, but really it’s most often birthed in my nightmares (which you could argue are a result of my movie-watching, but whatever).

I don’t like to drag things out, so that’s something. In the Exorcist and Exorcist III (NOT II. For the love of God, what a horrible movie), I was most affected by both Friedkin and Blatty’s scene cuts. They’re jarring, disconcerting, but most of all they aren’t fluffy fadeouts. I like movies that stick to the point and whose characters are lifelike. I don’t dislike big-boobed slasher blondes, but movies that stick with me have quick, natural banter and true-to-reality reactions to terrifying conflict.

So when I’m writing dialogue I guess I do imagine what my characters would look like on screen. Like, I try to make sure that Lou and Sarah sound like best friends without telling everyone that they are. I’m not sure that I accomplish it, just know that it’s an effort I make. 

sukonami8: Does Rich mind that you blog about him?

I don’t think so. I’ve never asked. The DVR did stop recording American Horror Story midseason, though, and we’re a passive aggressive family. Maybe he does. I’ll talk to him. Or I’ll hide his toothbrush.

Jeff from Perkins, S. D.: Do you believe in marital counseling?

I believe it’s a good thing. I think that people should take any and every step to try and make a marriage work. I think we all know deep down what our point of no return is. Until that’s reached, fight divorce with every soldier you’ve got.

I think today’s divorce rate is the result of a many-headed progress monster: women’s rights, economy, the bridal market, role-reversal, etc. I don’t know that it is fixable, really, just a byproduct of the times.

I think we should ban weddings and engagement rings. How many people would get married, really? It’d cut down by a serious fraction, if not by half. Less divorces, less broken homes, less heartache.

Who’s with me? No? Was that a cricket?

abnegaxus: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

I don’t know. But from the animals you shot you got 300lbs of meat. However, you were only able to carry 100lbs back to the wagon.

Also, Nicole has dysentery.