The blurb I wrote for an Enigma Haunt attraction, THE ABYSS

The-Abyss-Logo-FINAL---ColorPut an ear to the earth and you’ll hear the thump of its core. Imagine the mysteries providing it, what with South Florida’s limestone caverns and subterranean river systems a constantly changing netherworld roadway.

Like the Catacombs of Paris, void of light, adventurers have longed to explore the South Florida Underground. To bottle passion from its rivers, read wisdom in its stone.

Now they have the chance and it is not what they expected. None that have ventured into The Abyss have returned. It has replaced curiosity with the trickling cancer of fear.

As if Florida herself was itching to be discovered, sinkholes began to open, swallowing whole structures into her belly. With them, she’s wrenched hundreds of unexpected from our world, planting petrified souls into her geodic under garden.

People say that they can feel The Abyss long before seeing it. Flickers of personal nightmare begin to play in their peripheral, stabbing paranoia inches up their spines like their natural world is swallowed, too, by the gaping monsters of what lies beneath. Step into her undercarriage and you will go insane.