Barnes And Noble Purchases Westward To Strange

Big Break for Small Press: Barnes & Noble category buyer places order for indie-published Westward to Strange


Boca Raton, Florida, November 19, 2013—After careful review, category buyer for Barnes & Noble’s Small Press Department has decided to place an order for Ray Litt’s Westward to Strange. Great news for small publishers in a highly competitive market.

Local horror hound and author Ray Litt debuted Westward to Strange, a Milu Paperback Original with Castleberry, Inc, on August 5, 2013 through, Highland Beach and Lynn University Libraries.

‘Every day I think I have horror by the you-know-whats. And then the night comes to show me my place.’ Litt, founder and operator of Horror Makers haunted house in St. Petersburg, Florida, dips into unexplored nightmare imagery to visit the merworld of Dark Water.

Westward to Strange is the mystery of Lula and Morgan, a young boy swimming in shark-infested waters under a waning moon. Morgan rocks Lula’s sunny beach existence to the core; she must rely on instincts she never knew she had, advice from her dead father and the magic of spirit-sisterhood to face what may mean the end of everything she knows and loves.

Alanna of The Flashlight Reader says, ‘Westward to Strange delivered in the fresh and unique market.’ And it does, with villains that founder Dr. Danny Brassel describes as, ‘…terrifying sirens that prevail in this page-turning mystery.’

Goodreads user agrees: ‘The author has a gift for language that seems to flow effortlessly like the ocean that she writes about.’

More information on the author and book at, @raylittsbooks, and Paperback available in Barnes & Noble stores, 2014. Ebook and paperback currently available at