sympathex: If you could relive one moment in your life, what would it be?

For someone with extreme memory inaccessibility, it’s surprising how much I like to reminisce. I cherish my good-time snippets and wish I’d had the decency to finish a journal or two. If for anything, to serve as a self-discovery assist on a 3am insomnia trip.

I couldn’t decide which way to interpret this. Did sympathex mean which would I relive the way that it originally happened? Or for which moment would I want a do-over. Because I’ll tell you: I have thousands of those. Namely, the time I tried out for a dance troupe with a big laundry stain on the crotch of my dance pants. They were grey and had worn through in the shape of a wet spot. I was on stage, and the bitch leading the improv kept directing us into spread-eagles for all the world to see. I’m sure the judges still talk about the college kid who pissed her pants. Anyway…

I’d relive a concert moment. I was at Ohio University at an O.A.R. show. They were a bitty frat band then and dorm buddies of ours. The sun was out and the lead singer (for whom I had a raging boner. my friends called me oar-whore–it wasn’t my best phase) was coming up on some lyrics about rain when the sky opened and bum ba da…it rained! I was with the dearest of friends, under the prettiest of skies and without a care. It was one of those moments when all planets align and everything is right in the world.

tracheablkr81: Do you like 50 shades?

I’m assuming that tracheablkr81 means 50 shades of gray. I can’t answer this that well, because I didn’t make it very far. It’s less to do with the quality than with my then-bout with toobusytoreaditis. But if I had to answer I’d say no. For the same issue I mentioned once before: telling, not showing. I don’t mind being shocked, I just want it done properly. And anyway, I put the book down after reading that the guy ‘pointed with a slender, manicured hand…’ That just didn’t get me going.

P.S.–your username scares me.

Statham from Texas: I know we write ourselves into all characters, but with who do you identify most?

With which of my characters? I’d have to say Jack in Bogey. When he sets his mind to it, he does something well, but he’s insecure and feels underserving of success. A scarlet mare in his closet makes sure of that, but for me it’s a relatable battle. In the midst of celebration I’m looking over my shoulder for the shoe to drop.

Jaxthemax311: What’s your favorite song?

Life is a Highway, Tom Cochrane. Hands down.