d_lerium: What’s your favorite movie and why?

Rosemary’s Baby. Because I think it’s the perfect example of how nuance makes the film. I’m frustrated with many of today’s movies for the same reason I am with mainstream YA fiction. It’s lit 101–show, don’t tell. I once read a book review of Stephanie Meyer’s after-Twilight venture (I don’t remember the title). It was a favorable review, but the blogger said something like this:

‘yes, it’s stephanie meyer. Yes it’s 400 pages of the synonym for ‘beautiful’…’

There are a lot of sideways glances and subversive emoting in Rosemary’s Baby. If I’m right that was Polanski’s first big film and he stayed so true to the book–it’s essentially word for word. You read between the lines just as much in the visual expression. The scene where Rosemary says, ‘let’s make love’ is my favorite. His betrayal is so dark because she so clearly loves him.

GinnyH385: Why do people ask me how my day is in passing? They don’t really care.

This aggravates me, too! Not so much that they ask me how I am–I think that’s fine. But I’ll answer, ‘great’ and not reciprocate. I don’t believe in obligatory responses. It’s nice enough that they’ve asked, now I’m just trying to match up. I wasn’t walking by wondering how they were. Now I’m just being fake.

I got flack for this when I was in scripted call center sales. The first line post introduction is ‘how are you?’ I refused to use it because it was so slippery and insincere. ’Hi, how are you? give me your money.’ I hated it.

Serena from Athens: I write children’s books and am searching for an agent. How did you get picked up by Barnes & Noble?

I sought an agent for many years. I got so many rejection letters I considered wallpapering my room with them.

I was hesitant to self-publish because I heard I’d be shooting myself in the foot. No agent or traditional publisher will touch you, people said, once the title is in circulation. But my boyfriend pushed me to get my work out. So I used CreateSpace and got on Amazon.

That fueled my literary fire. I didn’t realize how much it would affect me–having an actual readership. It was slow-going, but just having my coworkers read me was like a dream come true. I felt great about that. I still fantasized about being the next Rowling, but I was genuinely happy as a clam just to have my work exposed.

Soooo when I started getting reviews I did more and more research. Barnes & Noble invites small publishers to propose their small press dept., which I did. I had to learn a lot about proposal etiquette and publishing lingo, but the info is easy to find, and B&N provides a pretty clear guideline for submission.

Anyway, I sent it in and a few months later received a letter expressing interest. I was out-of-my-mind excited. It’s not over, though–I’m busting my ass promoting and cold calling other brick and mortar locations. I spend more time marketing than I do writing, and that’s a bummer. But I love this industry so much, so it makes the work easy to swallow.

Private message me if you’re interested in seeing my proposal. I can show you my marketing plan and title list, etc. I got a little pixie with press releases and such, but it seemed to work out.

ezinemarine: Stop posting links to your blog. Didn’t you read the rules?

No, I did not. I joined redditt and spammed the f*ck out of it. I didn’t realize it was inappropriate, and have since slowed down. When I post a link I’m specific that it directs you here. Sorry! I’ve failed a lot of tests for the same reason.

See you tomorrow, folks.