Old Post: Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to fun. Bring your computer to the bathroom, where you’re hiding out from relatives if you don’t have a successful job and marriage. You don’t have to finish Westward to Strange; I’m sure you can skim to find where the trip begins. The rest will take you outside of the book. Happy Christmas, everyone.

The rhyme:

For __1__ the __2__ it’s the __3__ __4___ that __5__ him a ___6__ in the __7___.

To __8___ in __9___ it’s __10__ and ___11___ and ___12___ who __13___ with the __14___.

For __15___ to ___16___ in __17___ ___18_____

And __19____ with the __20____ that ____21___ it.

For __22__ it’s the ___23___ ___24____ ___25___ my ___26__ and the __27___ going ___28___ to ___29___ it.

After Sarah tells Lula about wonka-Luke, she does something in the parking lot. In one of my Q&A Wednesdays is a question about my favorite ____ that makes me do the same. The user name that asked the question, without the numbers, fits slots 1 and 2.

There’s a name in that answer. Forget the last, add ‘ahawk’ to the first and youtube that + ‘booney’. The adjective in the title fits slot 3.

When he asks ‘what take is this?’ add that number to the current calendar year (right now it’s still 2013), then subtract by 66. Slot 4 is the story published that year by a Dr. S., beloved by children and parents everywhere.

Send me a short rhyme of the same vein to raylitt@raylitt.com for slot 5.

Go to incrediblethings.com and type the answer to number 4 in the search box. Click on the body art. What’s on the face of the character that’s not on the girl with blue hair? It’s the answer for slot 6.

From another book by famed Dr., the ish makes a wish for ___ on his ____. Add ‘es’ to both, put the second in slot 7 and 12, the first in slot 14.

Watch this. The leading lady’s first name is the answer for slot 8.

She was in another movie originally made in 1945 (the remake, starring Madonna, was released in 1990). There was also a show by the same name. Google the ___ _____ show, season 1 episode 41. The third word in it’s title is the answer for slot 10.

Go to this. What author does Cane’s agent say he outsells? Where does that author live? The answer is for slot 9.

What were these devices used for inflicting? The answer for slot 11.

A famous HBO mobster might have high-fived with slot 8. May he (answer to slot 13) with the (answer to slot 14) forever in peace.

For slot 15, check out this guy. Friend request him just for fun.

The answer to 15 rhymes with what Over requests from Victor. What is it, for slot 16.

Who does Johnny Depp play in this? Stay on Youtube, use the character’s name plus ‘Goldberg’. What does he play live at City Limits? The first word is the answer to slot 17, the second and third are for 18.

Send a picture of yourself dressed up as a Johnny Depp character to raylitt@raylitt.com for slots 19, 20, and 21.

Look in the mirror and who do you see? The answer for slot 22.

Sarah and Lula go to Joe’s to unwind. Text me the number on (214-549-7541)for where you’d order Sarah’s favorite. Await my response and head over to order just that. They will give you the answers to 24, 25, and 26 if you order correctly.

In this movie what does the villain’s weapon against pipe sound like? I’ll give it to you. ‘Skreeeee’ is for slot 23 and the score to most of my dreams.

Those of you who haven’t seen this, turn your volume up and watch closely.

What is that video to wimps? Type that plus ‘stories’ and ‘silverdemon456’ in youtube. What words are in every title? The two are answers for slots 27 and 28.

Call me on 214-549-7541 for the slot 29 and to tell me the rhyme. And then you’ve won.

please comment on here or email raylitt@raylitt.com if you get stuck along the way. I’m happy to guide you back.