milaThis is my favorite picture of all time. Mila was one day old. I’d finally showered (though I had forgotten my hair conditioner, which in my line of being is akin to a month’s worth of dreadlock cultivation) and changed into my own clothes.

Since people advise you to stay off the internet when prepping for labor, I did just the opposite. I went in with grisly, desecrated-vagina and went-wrong epidural imagery on stress loop–but I also discovered a fun-unknown: kangaroo method.

It’s often practiced with newborns. The mother will wrap a blanket around the baby and herself, skin to skin. From wikipedia:

‘The tight bundling is enough to stimulate the baby: vestibular stimulation from the mother’s breathing and chest movement, auditory stimulation from the mother’s voice and natural sounds of breathing and the heartbeat, touch by the skin of the mother, the wrap, and her natural tendency to place the hands over the baby. All this stimulation is important for the baby’s development.’

Did you know that you can choose to let the doctor slop your new goobly mass onto your chest immediately post-emersion, or to have her whisked away and cleaned up first? I can’t remember which I chose, which is testament to the general nastiness of giving birth.

But I’ll never forget this magnificent moment. Her little baby eyelids and the warmth of her skin against mine. Pure magic.