revenge porn

Another one bites the dust by way of smart-phone intimacy and f*cknuttery of the highest order. Revenge porn? People can be really terrible.

I’ve never been good at breaking up (see: It’s not you, it’s me). I’m not always the one to do it, but when I do I’m pretty sheisty. I’m not at all proud of it, to be fair. I’ll stop here–I feel a hate email on the horizon.

Things like revenge porn (scorned lovers broadcast intimate pictures of their exes) make me very sad. I don’t happen to be a religious person, but I like to imagine that humans are innately good-seeking. We all have the capacity for deviance, but also the weapon of choice. Yes, we’re sheep, and yes, without law there might be chaos. But humans created law and humans crave order. It must be derived that we gravitate to good. So how can we do this to one another?

Listen, I’ve done my fair share of hating. G-d knows: if myself, a key, and my old boss’s car met up in a dark alley, I can’t promise I wouldn’t key the f*ck out of it. But there’s something very rape-y about this kind of payback.

Trust is a wiggly worm holding a chainsaw. One wrong move and you’re toast. We betray in so many ways. That humans should be good doesn’t mean that they don’t make mistakes, but I think the universe accounts for and gives us life-bumpers to combat that. We’re a hell of a lot stronger than we think we are.

But taking a vulnerability snapshot (thanks to Meriam once again for schooling me on ‘vagina snapchat’) to a public forum? If the devil exists, it’s he that guides this hand. It ruins lives and it’s disgusting and everyone involved should be gathered up and shipped elsewhere.

We like to f*ck, we like to talk about f*cking, and we like being sexy. When you stop doing that with someone, no worries. Someone else will come along. Grow a pair of balls, move on with it and stay off the internet. My heart goes out to this chick who had to leave her job.

We have to be consequence-savvy, I guess. Like not to open the door or descend into the creepy basement, we should know not to take naked pics of ourselves. I just think it sucks that we have to stop being text-sexy.