Tick Tock

People die, energy remains. A lot of people believe it. I’m on the fence, to be honest. I’d love (I think) to see a ghost, but I wouldn’t bet anything important on it being possible.

However…I don’t feel comfortable inheriting trinkets. For the same supposed energy. Thrift shops, neighbor street-donations—I take things, but I feel strange about it.

Have you seen The Possession? A child purchases a box (within which is a dybuk—a Jewish, malevolent spirit) at a yard sale. Horror and mayhem ensue. Excellently acted, unique take on possession mythology.

Against all cynicism, I think it can be true.

Hear me out: implanting energy is an innately human talent. We leave impressions on each other—memories, emotion, influence..if we apply the same mental affection to, say, a necklace, or a stone, wouldn’t the implant remain indefinitely? What if that affection was born in anger? Desperation? Fear? What does that mean for subsequent owners?

As a preteen, I once soaked a pouch-ful of stones in a bowl of water and rose petals overnight. To ‘clean’ them. I may have gotten that from the L.J. Smith’s Secret Circle, or something.

Anyway, 20+ years later, they still smell like roses. I didn’t even remember my witchy cleanse until I opened it. One whiff, I remembered it clear as day. Isn’t that crazy?

So I have a grandfather clock in my kitchen that a neighbor left for trash. I couldn’t pass it up, but now I’m scared to go in the kitchen. And I’m convinced that if I spend too much time around it, I’ll end up killing my cat.

I’m just kidding, Mallory. I love you.