For Your Eyes Only

I had a small argument with someone on the phone today. When he paused to converse with someone standing-presumably-next to him, I went berserk. I have a SERIOUS problem broadcasting real life. And when someone does it for me…watch out.

Writing this blog seems like a contradiction, I know. But I get to craft this the way I please. I flourish some details, leave others out. My choice.

Fellow writers will get this: it takes me forEVER to write the simplest email. When you see ‘Cara, SO good to hear from you. Let’s keep in touch, have dinner soon’, know that it took me an hour to write. I edit it a hundred times. I can’t tell you how many drafts I have in my outbox.

My point is that I like to project my thoughts and purpose a certain way. And I take that seriously. So when personal stuff gets to the outside through an unfiltered conduit without my approval, I lose my sh*t.

I’ve been around the drama block and have reserved most details for my family. This is a Too Much Info kind of world. Some things need to be sacred. You like that last episode of Real Housewives? Super. Praying for your dying father? Doesn’t seem like it should be mentioned on the same forum. I think people have lost their sense of time and place entirely. So I go overboard keeping the real stuff in my life hashtag-free.