Pros of the Con: My favorite Authors in One Room Across the Country

comicon(image credit: Scott Beale)

2014 San Diego ComicCon is T minus one day away (at the time when this article was written) and I couldn’t be sadder that I am not in attendance.
What started off as a small comic book convention has grown exponentially each passing year. Serious A List stars have become staples to promote the next summer block buster, introductions to the newest and hopefully hottest television shows, sneak peeks into what is next for our favorite caped crusaders, and BOOKS.

And for me, the books are where it’s at.

This Friday a panel will take place called “Get Inspired with Veronica Roth” the panel includes a few prominent YA Authors – Veronica Roth herself, Leigh Bardugo, Walter Jury (Author of Scan with Sarah Fine) and Laini Taylor, moderated by Aaron Hartlzer (Author of Rapture Practice)

Veronica Roth is the acclaimed author of the hit YA Divergent Trilogy but two of the other authors are possibly two of my favorite and possibly two you may not have heard of, yet.

Leigh Bardugo writes the Grisha Trilogy. Starting with Shadow and Bone, it is the story of Alina Starkov, a young orphan and her best friend Mal Oretsev . Alina and Mal live in Ravka, a fictitious country that has elements of Russian style and language Alina’s shy and quiet demeanor is challenged when she along with a mysterious and powerful man, the Darkling, discover she holds powers that could possible save war ravaged Ravka. Similar to Roth’s Four series of extra bonus stories, Bardugo has written three fables that are ingrained in the Ravakan culture. The fables are beautifully written in an Aesop’s style that easily standalone but also give little insight to segments of the main novels. Although the series has completed with Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising just released this past June, Bardugo has indicated that she will continue her writing a new series. This also set in Ravka, but in a completely different part of the world, and brand new characters. To be whisked back into a world that you loved in an entirely different way is every fan girl’s dream.

The second author I was to highlight, Laini Taylor, has written what is probably my favorite series of all time, Daughter of Smoke and Bone. In it we meet Karou, who is a beautiful enigmatic girl with bright blue hair, an artist and student in Prague. She is a pretty average sixteen year old, however as the story unfolds we learn that she has many more mysteries than just the color of her hair. Taylor balances fantasy and fairy tales with a delightful teenage reality in the form of Karou’s sarcastic, tough and tiny best friend, Zuzana (Supplement story from Zuzana called Night of Cake and Puppet, is something I read from time to time when I want to be reminded of butterflies in your stomach, first loves and pure magic). This is another really complex series that has Karou, mixed into an epic battle between angels and demons in other worlds that she must navigate through to save herself, her friends and the world. The consecutive stories, Days of Blood and Starlight and Dreams of Gods and Monsters round out the world in a fantastic way that leaves you slightly breathless upon completion (Have I mentioned I really love these books?).

To have these three amazing women in one room, discussing their books, what inspired them to write, what they get geeky about and more, is pretty amazing. Excuse me, while I pack a bindle and jut out my thumb – San Diego or Bust.