DLB Giveaway! Win Your Autographed Copy Of UNDELIVERABLE!

Ms. Rebecca Demarest–our CALLING ALL INDIES! winner–has kindly offered an autographed copy of her novel, Undeliverable, to one lucky dirtylittlebookers.com reader.



When Benjamin Grant’s son disappeared a year ago, he threw himself into the search, and his obsession left him without a home, wife, or job. Now, he’s managed to find work at the United States Postal Service’s Mail Recovery Center, which he hopes will prove an invaluable tool in his investigation. With the help of his coworker, Sylvia—a kleptomaniac artist—Ben learns the ins and outs of a warehouse full of lost mail, and explores every lead in his son’s case. But when it all points towards the monstrous Leonard Moscovich, Ben fears the worst.

Simply finish the following sentence by filling out the form below, and you’ll be entered to win! Three finalists will receive digital copies of the book.

The DIRTY LITTLE BOOKERS witches will choose their favorite entry the way they choose everything else: with a squabble and a tussle, a sampling of hexes and a broom race to the finish line. The last witch standing has final say.

And the sentence is…

‘Holy cow,’ she said, pointing at a spot behind me. ‘You are not…’

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This giveaway will end on July 20th, 2014.