Sneak Peak of Universal’s New Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Hogwart’s Express

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author: Rachel

It is a thing of great wonder to watch my children watch movies like The Little Mermaid. To see them recreate the hair-flip water arc like conflicted mermaid teens-in-love is both inspiring and humbling, so far as mortality realizing goes.

But I’m not so far removed from my own arc-making days that I can’t conjure that old feeling–that mournful yearning for something grander; a glimpse of a mermaid tail in the neighborhood lake, a movement in the mirror from a mid-demensional sprite, an Owl Post invitation to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry…

I’m on my second round of movie-sharing with the kids–a phenomenon I never would have predicted, because I was nearing twenty when the first Harry Potter came out. But now we’ve graduated from preteen royalty to alohomora, and it is AWESOME.

Do you remember when you first saw Hogwarts? Deathly crags and moonlit turrets, a bobbing vision in the Black Lake wake of a dozen rickety first-year boats? If you’re anything like me, your jaw dropped this way to Sunday, the last ten years of post-adolescent grimness washed away in one blockbuster moment.


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Well, I got to see that face again the other day. When my daughter–to my intense pride–announced that she was ready to watch the true-life documentary about the wizard school I’d long been promoting. (Yes, I told her that it exists. Yes, she believes in magic.)

AND NOW, I can actually take her there. On the very same train from the movie, on which she can witness things that would floor the angstiest. Professor Moody, Hagrid, hippogriffs, centaurs…you get to see everything. There might even be–if you’re lucky– three little wizards who look very much like Harry, Ron and Hermoine, eating chocolate frogs and meeting each other for the very first time.

I would die, honestly. I would just keel over and die.

Check out this sneak peak clip–and the thousand others that are circulating–to see the work they’ve put into Diagon Alley and Hogwarts Express. And then please donate to my vacation fund, because there’ll be a new Harry Potter movie before I can afford to take my family on another Disney trip.

(video credit: relive the magic podcast)