Samuel L. Jackson is a badass

I don’t know any other movie (maybe Natural Born Killers, now that I’m thinking about it. I’ll check into that later.) that so fully encapsulates a significant chunk of memory-making years for me. It’s almost too intense to listen to the soundtrack, like I’m having one of those “acid flashbacks” everyone who was scared of acid used to prophesy. (Pshht.)

 Half a step into ‘everybody be cool this is a robbery!’ I’m equal parts wondering if my parents have any bottles left of actual alcohol (that I haven’t yet replaced with water) and conceptualizing today’s ways to get Tim O’reilly to stop not loving me.
Also, why is that speech different in the end of the movie? Has anyone figured that out yet?
Anyway this gave me CHILLS. Watching Sam Jackson in this video like twenty years never happened.