Learning How to Blog : An Introvert’s Journey

author: Nicole

introvertshy Let me take a step back an re-introduce myself. I prefer solitude, quiet, observing, and consuming – I am an introvert. I’m not a natural producer; putting things, myself, my words out there…it does not come naturally to me. This is my truth.

So perhaps in a way to deflect attention I used a classic defense mechanism – I went toward the negative. And then I wished I hadn’t.

After it was out there I realized that I didn’t want my voice to be a snarky combination of Mr. Wilson from Dennis The Menace and Perez Hilton. No, thats not what I want to put out into the inter webs, where negative (dangerous, bullying, violent) tone runs rampant. My opinions remain unchanged, but perhaps maybe a different approach..

So my new approach:  What I want to put out there is positivity, everyday observances, fun things, favorite things, things I know.

And maybe in my newfound medium I can learn to trust my opinions, my convictions and find my confidence. And maybe you dear reader, you too can gain insight into the quiet mind of an introvert. Insight that you might never have seen otherwise.

Happy to go on this journey with you and my other lovely witches. Remember to hug your local introvert today. They’ll hate it (and maybe secretly love it.)