Why I hate other kids’ moms

author: Alicia  

One of the hardest things about being a mom is feeling like you have to justify your choices as a mom to other moms.

Whether it’s what we feed our kids, what classes we sign them up for or what schools we send them to there are some moms that feel it necessary to tell you how wrong you are about your choices. Currently I have a dear friend who has another friend that is “this” mom. She loves to tell us why we are wrong and she is right…about everything!

For example, when my youngest (and only boy) was about 15 months old he was having a hard time staying in the playroom at our local gym. I chose to tailor my workout time to the afternoon so that my oldest daughter could be there with him. It helped him feel more comfortable and allowed me to feel a little bit better about “abandoning” him for an hour so I could get a run in.

“This” mom could not believe I was doing this and promptly accused me of creating a very needy husband for some girl some day. Her reasoning was that if I was willing to alter my schedule now he would get used to always having things done his way and what a mess I was creating for his future wife.

I’m guessing my facial reaction was why she would say something like that but I’m still not sure why putting me down would make her feel better. Being a mom requires support from so many different avenues and it’s frustrating when someone who is in the same phase of life doesn’t support you and tells you about it!

We are all doing the best we can…I swear I can’t hear that enough. I wish that quote was included in our hospital bags as we are discharged after EVERY baby. I wonder if moms were universally nice to each other would we solve the mean girl problem that starts with our daughters? I can’t help but think that modeling the behavior we expect from them would be a good start….